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Crumpled Fabric

Events and Community

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Come Flow with O!


April 6th:

Yoga For Happiness with Janrace

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Come Flow with O!

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Kemetic Yoga with Secunda Joseph

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Sacred Spine: Wellness Retreat for Spinal Well-Being

Welcome to the Sacred Spine, a wellness experience curated to elevate your spinal wellbeing with the power of sound healing, breath work, and subtle body movements. We are excited about our partnership and residency with New Power Chiropractic. Dr. Karlus Monte` Allen [Dr. K] will begin our experience with an enlightening wellness talk about the profound energy flow within your spine. Then you will be guided into a series of subtle yoga body postures focused on the vitality of your entire spinal column, spinal breathing techniques, and a sound meditation experience with various instruments to facilitate relaxation and ease. 

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