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Rooted in the Art, Science, and Philosophy of Chiropractic, we are a nurturing holistic healthcare provider located in the vibrant Midtown Area of Houston. We lovingly welcome everyone for whom our care is beneficial, while also specializing in treating performing & visual artists. We absolutely love caring for whole families as well. Above all else, New Power Chiropractic provides care with a genuine Heart of Service. 

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At New Power Chiropractic, each practice member is thoroughly assessed and cared for based on their WHOLE existence, not only by the specific issue/condition that brings you to us. You will be empowered with knowledge of your body’s natural ability to heal, and how Chiropractic, by optimizing nervous system function, can greatly enhance your Health & Wellness journey.  You will also receive support & guidance on other vital wellness components, such as Nutrition and Movement.



Just about ALL of us credit some type of artform with greatly enhancing our lives. The vast neurological and psychological benefits of music, dance, and visual art therapies are well researched and documented. 

At New Power Chiropractic, we honor and integrate this beautiful truth into our practice, fostering a loving Culture of Artistic Expression. From the carefully curated soundscape constantly flowing throughout our healing studio to the inspired works by Houston-based artists adorning the walls, this culture is an integral facet of who we are.

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