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We’re So Glad U Asked!


Do you take insurance?

In order to serve you free of limitations based on cost and “what’s covered,” we have chosen to be an out-of-network chiropractic care office. Many of our practice members find it convenient to use the Health Savings Account [HSA] feature of their insurance plan to cover their care, while many others simply use their debit or credit card for payment. Also, if you receive out-of-network Chiropractic benefits, we can usually provide the information required for reimbursement. It’s super important to us that folks have access to chiropractic care. That’s why we’re always open to exploring payment options to make it easier to get the care you need.


How do I know if Chiropractic is right for me?

Seeking solutions and exploring options for your health concerns can be overwhelming at times. It can be especially challenging for those of us seeking holistic options. Often, a brief chat with a practitioner of the discipline you’re considering is very helpful in guiding your next steps. So, if this would be helpful for you, we’re pleased to offer a complimentary 10-minute consultation with our Chiropractor to discuss if and how we are able to help you. Just reach out to us directly at 346-802-2195 to get it scheduled.


What should I wear on my 1st visit?

For your Initial Discovery Session, we recommend that you wear comfortable, fitness-type clothing. So, shorts, tights, tanks, sports bras, etc. would be great. Unrestrictive clothing is ideal, as we will be exploring various body movements.


Will I get adjusted on the first visit?

Nope. You get to relax and take it all in on your first visit with us. In order to make your customized care path as authentic as possible, we devote this initial connection to learning as much as we can about you and what you’re experiencing. We use all of the information from the Initial Discovery Session to develop a care path that is specific to restoring your function and full life expression. So, we always make sure that your doctor has at least 24 hours to analyze your findings and design the most awesome approach to your care. Your second visit, the Report of Findings Session, is when you’ll receive your first adjustment, should you decide to move forward on your care path. 


Can I bring my kids with me?

Sure! Kiddos and babies are always welcome at New Power Chiropractic. We always encourage our practice members who are parents to have their kids’ spines checked as well. The potential benefits for them are just as great, or in many cases, even greater than for adults! 


Do you have family rates?

Most definitely! Your family member or partner within the same household receives a 20% discount on their Initial Discovery Session and a 40% discount on their Care Path plan. We are strong believers in the power of a like-minded family support system. 


I'm pregnant, can I get adjusted?

You can, and we believe you should. Getting adjusted can create better birth outcomes, more peaceful labor & delivery, and optimal positioning and nerve supply for the Baby. With special pillows and table configurations, we can create ease for pregnant women to get adjusted throughout all stages of pregnancy. Chiropractic care can also help prevent discomforts like sciatica and pelvic pain that many expectant moms experience as their bodies change and adapt during pregnancy.

How long does it usually take to get better? How long will I have to come? 

Every human body is unique and different, so we’re careful about speaking in terms of when you “should” get better. However, we’re also very careful to recognize when you enter and leave distinct phases of your care path. If you come to us experiencing active or recurring pain and discomfort, the initial phase will be primarily focused on improvement in that area. As you improve, your care will evolve to accommodate your changing needs. Many will choose to stay with us for general wellness care because they value the elevation of their body function and life expression following a chiropractic adjustment. Just know that we will be here for you as long you feel that we are a genuine asset to your life. 


What’s that popping sound from an adjustment? Do you guys do the stuff I see online? 

The audible sound commonly produced during traditional chiropractic adjustments is the release of nitrogen gas and various other chemicals from the affected joints. These chemicals have the potential to calm the nervous system, release muscle tension, decrease pain, and help the body adapt to new environments. At New Power Chiropractic, our primary purpose in adjusting is ALWAYS to remove interference to optimal nerve function in order to facilitate healing. Causing a “pop” or getting a dramatic reaction from you is NEVER our focus. Whether it is audible or silent, we try our best to create and maintain a state of ease in your body during your adjustments. 

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