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Grand Opening 

We're pausing the grind in order to give thanks and celebrate! Join us for food, fun, and fellowship at our official grand opening event!


Rooted in the Art, Science, and Philosophy of Chiropractic, we are a nurturing holistic healthcare provider located in the vibrant Midtown Area of Houston. We lovingly welcome everyone for whom our care is beneficial, while also specializing in treating performing & visual artists. We absolutely love caring for whole families as well. Above all else, New Power Chiropractic provides care with a genuine Heart of Service. 


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Dr. Karlus Monte Allen

Peace & Blessings! My name is Karlus Monte` Allen, but apparently, “Dr. K” has caught on really quickly since I became a Doctor of Chiropractic: After over a decade of dealing with chronic knee pain, allergy-onset asthma, and all of the customary body aches that constitute the “I’m Just Gettin’ Old” mindset of the typical American man in his 40s, just 6 weeks of regular Chiropractic care changed my life forever. 

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